How to Select a Casino Dealing School

How to select a dealing school

How to select a dealing school

There are some points to consider when selecting a dealing school: a knowledgeable staff, proper casino equipment, instruction books and graduation test.

The most important thing is to visit the school.

Make sure there are a lot of students and that the dealing equipment is authentic casino quality. You should feel comfortable learning in this environment.

Did the school representative take the time to answer all your questions?

During your initial interview at Casino Gaming School we will explain how we teach games, show you the instructional booklets that are included with the course, and explain how you can learn at your own pace.

Dealing instructors should be full-time dealers or have extensive dealing and casino experience.

Look for dealers who have real credentials. Most instructors are currently employed as full-time dealers in their respective games.

Avoid a school if it has one instructor who teaches all the games.

You won’t get the detailed coverage you need to learn a game properly. You’ll get the best lessons from instructors who teach one specific game. Casino Gaming School has dedicated instructors for every game.

Price isn’t everything.

Some schools will sit you down in front of a TV and let you learn from a DVD. This is a waste of your time. There is no substitute for hands-on, interactive instruction. Learn your game from a qualified instructor in a friendly casino atmosphere.

The person answering the phone should not be your instructor.

Your instructor should be available to you throughout the day, not interrupted by phone calls or tied up in sales meetings. Our instructors spend all their time teaching you how to become a casino dealer.

Will you be properly tested prior to graduation?

Our students must pass one graduation test from their instructor and a final dealing test by myself. When you graduate you’ll be ready to audition at a casino to get your first dealing job. We’ll teach you what you need to know to get your first dealing job and we’ll be there for you as you work your way up to a dealing career in a first class casino.

Look for a school that will let you come back to refresh or update your game.

Once you’ve successfully completed a course at Casino Gaming School you’ll be permanently listed in our computer. You are welcome to come back at any time to refresh your game — at no charge.

Does the school have credibility? Are they considered experts?

Casino Gaming School is frequently featured on The Travel Channel and I have hosted several casino gaming TV specials and tournaments (see our Nick on TV and Press Coverage pages). The fact that we are considered dealing experts by the media is a great testimonial to the quality of Casino Gaming School.

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